Sivota Villas – Bellou villas

Places & Sights

Mega Ammos Beach

Mega Ammos is the closest beach to our villas (2 minutes walk) and a ‘Blue Flag’ winner. It is a wonderful pebbled beach featuring turquoise waters, ideal for refreshing summer dips. Nevertheless, it is not only scenic, but also organized offering sun beds, umbrellas, as well as snack bars and fish tavernas.

Once summer’s here, young people and families flock to this amazing beach.

Don’t miss it!

Sivota Town

Sivota (previously called Mourtos) is a top holiday destination for many tourists.

It is a beautiful seaside village, in the southwestern part of Thesprotia, set in a small, secluded bay (about 1,000 residents). In fact, thanks to its verdant landscape that harmoniously laces with the blue sea, the village Sivota has been described as a “seaside paradise” by many, also known as the ‘Caribbean of Greece’.

The magnificent scattered islets (the “Sivota islets” according to Thucydides) bring in mind exotic places. Yet the extraordinary beauty of these islets is surely something than even top- class holiday destinations would be jealous of! The organized beaches in Syvota are ideal for anyone longing for that all important sun and azure sea!

In Syvota, visitors have the chance to enjoy food, coffee or a drink overlooking the marina and the Ionian Sea.

All in all, cosmopolitan Syvota is the flagship of tourism in Epirus Region and beyond.

Bella Vracka Beach

Bella Vraka is the sandy beach connecting Sivota to islet Mourtemeno.

To access the beach you have to literary walk through the sea. This small, yet scenic beach is popular with the guests of the surrounding hotels.

The beach is also ideal for water-sports. You can access Bella Vraka by car, however, you have to park it over the beach and walk through an appropriate path.

The minute you see this magnificent place you’ll be amazed.

Next to Bella Vraka you can find more organized beaches accessible through paths or by boat, as some of them are impossible to reach on foot.

Pisina Beach

Pisina beach (the Greek word for pool) has a meaningful name and is one of the most famous beaches in Sivota. It is definitely worth a visit, but access is possible only by boat or yacht, as it is located on the islet of Mourtos right across Sivota.

The clear, turquoise water makes visitors feel like swimming in an actual pool of nature! Dozens of tourists and locals opt for this magnificent beach, as it’s utterly idyllic. Pisina beach offers discerning visitors the chance to experience swimming in a totally exotic place!

No wonder that a plethora of travel magazines have often used Pisina beach to promote the natural beauty of Sivota!

Diapori Beach

Diapori beach is also one of the most famous beaches in Sivota. It is definitely worth a visit, but access is possible only by boat or yacht, as it is located on the islet of Agios Nikolaos right across Sivota.

The clear, turquoise water and the overall landscape makes visitors feel like swimming in an exotic island with no popullation! Dozens of tourists and locals opt for this magnificent beach, as it’s utterly idyllic!

Don’t miss it!


Right above Sivota on the mountains that spread to the west, you will find Vrachonas abandoned village. Vrachonas has more than 50 stone built houses, most of them collapsed during the 2nd world war. The architecture of the houses is very important as they reflect the style of most of the old houses in the region, in the old ages.

Visiting Vrachonas is really important as you can enjoy excellent panoramic views of Sivota, from almost 650 meters altitude. Also walking in the peaceful streets of the graphical village will make you feel like you are tranfered back in time, in a season when life was simple. Additionaly, you will find a beautifull small chapel of Saint Ilias at the central square of the village.

Access to Vrachonas is possible either with a 4×4 vehicle or by foot.

Souli Watermills

Myloi of Souli (mylos is the Greek word for mill) is the first landmark you will meet on the way to historical Souli. It is a beautiful location and the feelings when you first arrive here are hard to be described in words.

Visitors are overwhelmed with a feast of colors the minute they reach the place. This, together with the river and the scenic landscape, make Myloi Souliou an ideal place to soak up that all-important natural beauty.

According to tradition, the old watermill was used by the residents of Souli to grind their wheat with the help of the water falling into the river from a height of 15 meters. Behind the old mill the waters of the stream sprout and eventually end up in famous Acheron River.

The area is highly recommended because it combines both strolling under imperious plane trees and hiking through a trail leading to legendary Acheron River!

Springs of Acheron

The springs of Acheron (Acheron – also known as the river of the dead souls) are a must see place for all visitors of Sivota. About 45 minutes by car from our hotel and you are in the heart of one of the most graphical places of Thesprotia. The landscape is full of large platane trees. Across them, the river of Acheron with the crystal clear waters that runs through a marvelous canyon.

People have the chance to walk in the canyon, drink the refreshing clear water from the springs and also do some sports as there are a lot of companies around that offer activities like horseback riding, canoe, kayak, flying fox and hiking.

Don’t forget to enjoy some of the local delicacies beside the river, at one of the many taverns that are around!